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我的面试前面基本上都是围绕之前的application 问的,现在先交代一下,我在application提到我去过美国和running。
本人12:15分左右开始面试,12点前就到了。和其他省的面经说的不一样啊。。。只有我一个人坐在小凳子上等啊!然后在等的时候挺紧张的。一直给自己心理暗示什么的~后来我前面那个男的出来了,和他互道加油,再后来我后面的那个男生也来等了。。。然后悲剧发生了。。。突然听到一个神似铃声的“叮咚”,不过就只有一声,挺小声的,没人告诉我真正的铃声是怎么样。。然后我就去敲门了[简直找死。。。] 等了一会MOE过来开门用很奇怪的眼光看着我。。
I:May I come in?
Moe 吓到。。然后问了里面的教授if they are ready。。幸好可以。。然后我就进去了(出来的时候爸妈说 有个在外面的MOE在我进去的时候很惊讶的说“她竟然在铃声响之前进去了” ...你肯定不会懂我的心情...) 水了好久= =以下开始正文:(问的用Q表示,我用I表示)共4个人,1个给我开门的不问问题的打字员MOE,1个Moe,1个国大教授,1个南大教授~      
Q:take your seat please
I:thank you
Q:you are LYX?
Q:from ***school
Q:introduce your school
I :my school is ...
Q :what do you know about Singapore ?
I :yeah ,I heard something about SG from my seniors,first singapore is known for the garden city ,it is one of the cleanest countries in the world .the law there is strict ,and it’s hot and it often rains ...
Q:you ask your seniors about the interview ?(笑)
I :yeah .(笑)
Q :Have you heard something bad about SG?
I:actually ,I haven’t heard anything bad about SG until now ~
Q:you major in life science ,why?
I :I think life science is based on biology and chemistry .......
Q:what if your parents miss you?
I:I have been away from my home to other cities for study many times ,so I think my parents are used to it .what’s more ,we can chat online ...
Q:who will you miss most if you go to SG?
I : I think it must be my biology teacher ,not my parents because I can get in touch with them on the internet ,but my biology teacher is too busy so I have no time to chat with him.I miss him because he taught me a lot .Because I took part in the biology competition ,so I had more time to communicate with him ,he taught me .......So I will miss him ...
Q:you mention that you have been to America ,why did you go there ?
I:My school receive an invitation to go to the united nation to give a performance of Chinese culture ...
Q:what was your job ?
I:my job was to sing the song
Q:so you sing songs well ?
I:yes (= =)
Q:how many people are in your group in New York ?
I :about 70.
Q:what do you think is the different between China and America ?
I:I think the people in America are easygoing and they can talk with strangers but here in China people prefer to chat with people who they are familiar with ...
Q:Have you been to Hongkong ?
Q:what do you think is the different between China and Hongkong  ?
I :I think Hongkong develop fast that people there speed their feet ,they run so fast (这真的是原话,毫无语法= =我想表达生活节奏快什么的...不过我觉得他们理解了^ ^)
Q:do you like this kind of life ?
I :yes
Q :why ? Don’t you think it is so stressful ?
I :because I think people should look ahead and hardworking can bring us a better future ...
Q:what city did you stay in America ?
I :actually ,we had performance in the united nation in New York ,and after that we went visiting in other cities.
Q:you said you saw an old man in America running in the road ,how old was him ?(在application里的)
I :yeah ,I think he is very old because his hair is white ...maybe he is around 70 years old.
Q:what do you think can you benefit from running ?
I:first running can ......
Q :how long do you stay there ?
I :more than a week         
   Q:give me an example that you had different opinion with others ,how did you handle it ?
Q :tell me the biggest failure in your life ?
I :I think this failure may not so big for you ,but I think it’s big for me .That is I didn’t get an award in biology competition .I really study hard and prepare for it ,but I failed because of my carelessness ,so I do things with caution and I’m more careful now .
Q:after that ,did you take part in other competition ?
I:actually ,this biology competition is held recently ,so I have no time to ....
Q:You said you are good at singing ,who taught you ?
I :my music teacher
Q:How long do you learn from him ?
I :when I entered my high school ,because he is a teacher in my high school
Q:wow ,another teacher ~you said you miss your biology teacher and now there is a music teacher ~~~(笑着用很轻快的语调说的~~~真的有波浪号的感觉!!!~~~~)
I:yeah ,I like all my teacher ...:-)
Q:it seems that teachers have big influence on you,right ?(yeah ) and you know in college, professors are busy and they wouldn’t stay with you ,so do you think it’s a problem for you ?
I :no ,I think I can study by myself on the internet .what’s more ,it’s a good opportunity for me to gain the ability to deal with things by myself ~
Q:you want to be a big fish in a small pool or a small fish in a big pool ?
I:I choose to be a small fish in a big pool because ...
Q:but in China ,you can be a small fish in a big pool ,in SG,you are a big fish in small pool
I:I don’t think Singapore is a small pool ...
Q:(interrupt me )why not~Sg is small and China is big ~
I:I don’t think Sg is small pool because I think that a pool is big or not doesn’t depend on how big is the land but how many excellent people there .And people in SG are outstanding ,I can learn from them ,so I want to go to singapore ...
Q:what do you think about your first test,what is the most difficult and the easiest?
Q:what if we make you to be a doctor?
I:to be honest,I want to be a doctor since I was very young ,just in this year ,I realize that being a life science engineer can save more people’s lives.....
Q:why ?doctor can save people’s lives immediately ,but it takes a long time for your medicine to have influence for people’s lives?
I: I still choose to be a life science engineer to make new medicine ,but I will study the knowledge that a doctor should learn by myself .
Q: do you have something to ask us?(好期待的目光...)
I:I heard that in university ,we should earn the score to apply for the dormitory ,how ?
Q: take part in the outdoor activities ...bla bla bla ...
I:oh ,I think I will enjoy it ~
I:thank you for your time ~~~bye ~~~:D
上面的问题顺序可能不对,记不大清了大概是这样~还有些问题是关于你友好吗~感觉挺轻松的~进去之后真的就不紧张了,真的像聊天一样!3个考官人都超和蔼的,一直对我笑>< 出来之后也是感觉很开心~面了刚好30 min。下午完全处于兴奋状态。。。晚上7点的时候就知道过了~感谢一直帮助我的人啦~~~~XD





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